Individual sessions increase spontaneity, support integration and stimulate self-expression that may offer patients and caregivers a sense of resiliency.

Music therapy assists with procedures such as blood draws, iv inserts and biopsies.

Environmental Music Therapy (EMT) is offered to create a relaxed, less stressful environment.


Music reaches us where words cannot. Music Therapy provides an integral component of care for our patients. In conjunction with the Louis Armstrong Music Therapy team, our certified, state licensed therapists  support the physical and psychosocial needs of patients and families. We meld live music of preference-classical or jazz guitar, violin, saxophone or piano-our team is trained to play instruments from around the world, live at the chair-side.

We are equipped to play music with in-the-moment aspects of treatment: alleviating pain, easing side-effects, supporting immune system functioning which enhance coping and reduces physical and emotional stress.

We tailor all kinds of live playing and singing to each patient's presenting needs and according to personal preference.  In music therapy we provide group sessions inclusive of family and staff promoting an "at home" feel and a warm, and welcoming atmosphere. Sessions may include live improvisation, drumming, toning, guided visualization, song writing, song sensation,  music meditation, and sedation.

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