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PUPPY Therapy

Click the image below to link to Patient Emily’s blog post about her experience with Pet therapy during treatment for Breast Cancer.

Patient Helen Conlin on

Massage Therapy

...creates a wonderful diversion in addition to making my hands (that have been affected by the cancer in my bones) feel so much better. 

...What a wonderful program being offered to us undergoing treatment.

The following post-Journey note was submitted by the winner of a two-night stay at The Tropicana Casino-Resort in Atlantic City, N.J. Out of respect for the patient’s request for privacy, we have omitted her name from this post.

I just returned home this afternoon and I already want to go back. It’s another world down there– and a great way to have a mental break from my medical issues. As you can imagine, you cannot think of needles, drips and doctors when you’re playing the slots!

And when I wasn’t at the casino, I had the chance to take a leisurely stroll down the boardwalk and occasionally stop and stare at the ocean. Beautiful. It didn’t matter at all that my friend and I went to Atlantic City in February. The weather was lovely and, even better, the traffic on the Garden State Parkway was lovely as well!

What a beautiful, thoughtful gift. I am so grateful for the generosity you’ve shown me.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Patient Andrea Gallo

Re: The Artist-in-Residence Program,

Survivors Day Speech 2012

“...I’d like to thank Robin Glazer of the Creative Center for sending talented compassionate artists to help take our minds off treatments. I have grown especially fond of Nikki Schiro. She’s a painter, whose radiant smile should be cloned, packaged and shipped off to hospitals and infirmaries around the world. Making art again has been a revelation for me, and she was a catalyst to that...”

From Frances Smeal and her daughter, Roberta Eaton, who traveled together on Norwegian cruise lines on a one week trip from New York to Bermuda

Re: Laura’s Journeys

Frances – “We had a great time. The food was excellent. I enjoyed playing Bingo, Deal or no Deal, and taking in the shows every night, some of which were fantastic. Best of all, I felt good the whole time I was away.”

Roberta – “The cruise was phenomenal. My mom worked her whole life and never had a real vacation. I made sure she did everything that she would enjoy on the ship. She went in a whirlpool for the first time in her life, ate in a French restaurant which was excellent, went to every show, and every Bingo game (she even won $54!). While we were in Bermuda, we went on a 4-1/2–hour excursion in a cab from one end of the island to the other. She had a terrific time on the excursion and was laughing her head off from our very funny cab driver.”

The following is from Patient Scott M. Univer, in regards to his Massage Therapy experience.

“...During my treatments I have had several hand massages...I believe I have benefitted substantially.

The massages are soothing and help dispel the tension of the chemotherapy process. In addition, my hands are unusually chapped and sore from frequent hand washing required by my condition. Also, one side effect of my therapy is sensitivity to cold temperatures in things I touch. I think the massages help with all of these side-effects.  I think the service (Massage Therapy) is very beneficial and I commend the Hospital for providing it.”

Bill Parness, on the support he and his wife got to travel during her treatments--which would become the inspiration for “Laura’s Journeys.”

“Integral to the planning that went behind the journeys (taken with my wife, Laura, during her treatment for Cancer) was the encouragement and support we got from Laura’s oncologist, Dr. Gabriel Sara, Director of the Infusion Suite (at Mount Sinai Roosevelt Hospital). Dr. Sara and his staff worked closely with us to plan our travel dates around the treatments.”

Excerpt from a post-journey note by Gerolyn Martinez, who won a seven-night stay at the Marriott Vacation Club Fairway Villas resort near Atlantic City. She travelled with her husband.

“...When you leave New York, you forget that people who don’t know you say, “good morning”...We took advantage of a lot of the amenities that the resort offers. I regularly went to the spa, pool, sauna and whirlpool, and my husband loved the gym.

...When you go through something like cancer treatment, you don’t want to be in a crowded, hectic environment. Our mindset was to have a nice little escape in a relaxed environment and this was exactly what we needed.”

Patient Connie

re: Music Therapy

“Timothy Gannon, the music therapist, has played as big a role in my healing as any of the doctors, nurses and medicine.”

From Meta Brunzema

Re: Cleopatra’s Touch

“...a surprisingly wonderful day...On a whim I decided to visit Lisset at Cleopatra's Touch salon - which is in the radiation suite at Roosevelt Hospital.

Lisset immediately greeted me with her wonderful personality - and styled my wig; giving many helpful tips along the way. This was followed by a full make-up session, in which Lisset not only applied the makeup - but also showed me how it is done...and why. on top of it all, she gave me a professional makeup kit so that I can repeat this at home every day...Wow, what a gift!!! Finally, Lisset gave me a professional manicure...and I walked out of the hospital feeling completely rejuvenated!

Fabulous program! Much appreciated!!!

A letter to Lisset, re: Cleopatra’s Touch

When I commenced my radiation treatments for breast cancer at Roosevelt Hospital, another patient told me about you. One morning, I reluctantly walked into your little area while you were working on someone's hair. Right away I felt comfortable and I just waited until you were done.  I sat in your chair and you proceeded to talk with me and it felt as if we had been friends for a long time. You cut my hair, introduced me to a product, and blow dried my hair. Not only did you do a great job, but you cared about my feelings, and you made me feel beautiful. Other patients would come in and ask questions about their wigs, their, their nails  and you were so friendly with everyone.

Once again, THANK YOU. It's people like you that make help us go through these tough times in our lives so much more bearable.

Again, Lizette, God Bless you and the work that you do for us.



Excerpt from a letter to Lisset, re: Cleopatra’s Touch

When I first  came to Cleopatra's Touch (what a great name!) a couple of months ago, I was still in "overwhelmed" mode. I was feeling like a puzzle to yet be put together, so I didn't even know where to begin as this challenge came with no picture of the end product or process. I had had one round of chemo by then and while I still had hair when I saw you, my scalp felt like it was simmering at times. You recommended that we cut my hair short and you shaped my eyebrows beautifully. I was ever so grateful for your acts of kindness because it was sorely needed. Just by looking at me no one could tell that I didn't have the budget for those luxuries.

Cleopatra's Touch is not about getting "free" services.  It is about human understanding based on those who've gone before those of us now challenged by cancer. Whether the challenge was personal or through a loved one, we know the toll it can take. Such pioneers remember their own needs and struggles. Graciously they exercised the compassion and forethought to anticipate another person's need in advance.  Sometimes in the midst of the storm, we are not aware of what we need because the line between wants and needs can become blurred.  But Cleopatra's Touch and all that is provides through you is spot on!

...Please share with your sponsors how grateful I am and so many of us who would really send a note if they were able to. Let them know that we truly need you and Cleopatra's Touch not just for ourselves but for those who will come after us.

As I grow stronger, I am inspired to find a way I can give back to Cleopatra's Touch and you. You'll see.  Meanwhile, please accept my deep gratitude to you and the sponsors for helping me go through my cancer treatments with dignity and a better sense of self because there is a place I can go to for help in looking and feeling better...

Sincerely Yours,   Herschey

Patient Marilyn Reynolds

re: Massage Therapy

“During my treatment at Mount Sinai Roosevelt Hospital, I received hand massages whenever I could...just wonderful.

This is a wonderful program you have. 

Keep up the good work!”